Strategy Experts - our new strategic partner in MENA

We are glad to announce our strategic partnership between blue spaze and Strategy Experts (a Dubai based firm focused on strategy, performance management and implementation) to combine efforts by offering strategy, innovation management and implementation advisory services across multiple sectors. Bringing the best of both world: Consulting and Innovation

Innovation should be at the top of the strategic agenda for any organisation, but the concept is still vague. Companies should drive innovation, assemble teams of great people and create an environment where they can innovate like crazy and harness the crowd for problem solving. We believe innovation is key to sustainability and growth for any organisation and it is time for strategists and innovators to join hands to bring the best of both worlds. Create an open innovation culture through a human-centred approach.

Global best practices is not a questions. Strategy Experts, A Dubai based firm with offices in London, has a team of consultants with an outstanding track record delivering sustainable strategy, performance management, and implementation services to its clients. As a combined force we are excited to roll out our propositions and services to MENA and EMEA in partnership with blue spaze to help companies prepare for the unforeseen and disruptive future

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