innovation culture

A thriving innovation culture is transparent and driven by a clear vision for innovation initiatives. It is an open environment where leadership and employees can influence purpose and harness the power of its people. Creating open innovation cultures and connecting people can increase productivity by 20% – 25%

Enabling new ways for working and leveraging technology can give people real opportunities to participate, decisions can be made collectively and enable transparent and real-time processes. It is about empowering your people to work in new ways and “celebrate failures and fail fast” with support from leadership

Examples of outcomes

  • Define drivers for establishing or improving an innovative culture

  • Iterative product and service development– focus on MVP (minimal viable product) and learn from customer insights

  • Define new ways of working and utilise collaborative workshops

  • Road map on how to execute an "Innovation Culture" programme

We have helped over 150 organisations develop stronger innovation cultures to stay ahead of the competition

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