innovation design & execution

In uncertain times do your assess your future opportunities? Are you structured to get innovative ideas to market faster? Do you test your ideas with your customers?

The ability to be agile and adaptable to manage future uncertainties is a core competency for any organisation aiming at creating an immune system to endure future market disruptions

We help clients design innovation structures with a Lean Start-Up mindset. We test even the craziest ideas with customer moving from problem to solution and prototype in a week and validate those ideas with customers

  • future scenarios

  • design sprint

  • lean start-Up

  • innovation business model

future scenarios

Identify your innovation effort towards the future and the directions to target. Design possible future scenarios that will help you guide your innovation effort towards a more exciting future and challenge your current vision

design sprint

Test even the craziest of ideas and validate through customer insight. It enables you to go from problem to solution and prototype to validate your critical business problems in just one week. We use the Design Sprint approach (developed at Google) to get your next innovation project quickly off the ground with a validated prototype guided by our experienced facilitators

lean start-up

Instilling a venture based innovation process and good practices to help boost business impact, time-to-market and cost of innovation

innovation business model

Operating a viable and agile business model is critical to delivering on your innovation portfolio and driving value add to customers. Innovation will become a cross-functional discipline integrated into your business operation and be a driving force of your organisational culture

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