innovation vision & culture

Is your innovation strategy aligned to your corporate vision? What is your level of innovation readiness & maturity? Do you have the right innovation culture?

A large proportion of transformational investment is wasted as organisations lack clear strategic direction, innovation maturity is low, and innovation spend is higher than achieved return on innovation

We help clients align corporate and innovation strategy, introduce a systematic approach to innovation and design an innovation culture suitable for your organisation

  • innovation readiness assessment

  • innovation vision & strategy

  • Innovation culture

  • innovation accounting

innovation readiness assessment

An assessment of your innovation readiness supported by a clear road map can improve your corporate innovation readiness level

innovation vision & strategy

A future minded business requires a clear vision and strategy for innovation that is easy to understand

innovation culture

Create a transparent innovation culture driven by a clear vision for innovation initiatives with focus on an open environment where leadership team and employees can influence purpose. Enable your organisation to utilise digital ways of working giving your people real opportunities to participate, decisions are made collectively, and enables transparent and real-time processes

innovation accounting

Define your innovation metrics to measure, improve and communicate innovation progress and business impact

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